Around 2008 I switched to programming predominantly in the Python and I have not looked back. As a Computational Biologist the python programming language enables me to quickly prototype software and solutions for my research and collaborators. Additionally, I teach a number of python programming seminars to researchers on the NIH campus (NIH access required) and I have taught an Introduction to Python [Programming] course at the Foundation of Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) graduate school for a number of semesters. Unofficial copies of my Jupyter Notebooks for learning Python for biologists can be found here.

I am also a big fan of the Project Jupyter and Jupyter Notebook.

For those looking to learn to program (or program in Python) here are some good (and free) resources:

Here is a nicely compiled list of python programming resources.

Please also see my GitHub page for python scripts and other resources and organizations I am involved with including my take on the NIH Hour of Code with Python.